D2NA makes bold recovery plans with support from Staffordshire and Keele Universities

7th June 2021

As part of their post-covid recovery, D2NA is embarking on a bold plan to employ 6 new graduates, with support from the two universities in Staffordshire.

Both Staffordshire University and Keele University have made big strides to get in tune with what businesses need by embedding business principles within the core of their new IT degree courses. As part of the courses, students are given the opportunity to work on case study’s with employers such as D2NA and other local IT firms, giving them hands-on, practical experience.  

Top talent

The business school at Keele University also goes one step further by offering various support and funding, including the ability for tech firms to access top talent that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.

Both Universities attract some of the best minds in the world and D2NA aims to play a part in retaining that talent in Staffordshire. They hope that more tech firms will choose to grow and relocate to the area, taking advantage of this talent pool.

Providing opportunities

Graham Doyle, Founder of D2NA said, “The value being provided by Staffordshire Universities is impressive. Their current integration with local businesses, coupled with the planned infrastructure development of Stoke on Trent, means we have the best opportunity in a generation right now to grow a world-class tech centre of excellence.

One of the reasons I started D2NA over 15 years ago was because I felt more could be done to give young people the opportunities to shine. One of the principles of D2NA is to nurture our own team and build from within, meaning we give talented young people opportunities to grow rapidly, so they can provide great value to the world. The work we are doing with both Universities is part of what makes that possible.”

Big advantages

Chris Howard, Course Director; Cyber Security at Staffs Uni said, “D2NA have been instrumental in the way that the Department of Computing at Staffordshire University develop and implement their curricula.  They have provided excellent advice on new course developments and the technical skills required for graduate employment.

They have also engaged directly with our students providing guest lectures, case studies and guidance towards the student’s assessment in the second year of their degree course.  This direct support by D2NA engineers is and will continue to give our students an enormous advantage in not only their studies but in their future employment.”

Supporting local talent

Terry Dray, Director of Employability & Employer Engagement at Keele University said, “Keele University is working hard to support students, graduates, and the local economy by forging mutually beneficial relationships with dynamic businesses like D2NA. At Keele, we are re-imagining placements and experiential learning to allow greater access for more students and organisations. We are delighted to work with D2NA to support local student and graduate talent”.


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